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  NEW CLASSES:                                     






 Still time to enroll!


Six week course, 1 hour per week.  Class size limited


We encourage and invite the family to participate!


Tuition: $105


New group classes in Julington Creek

9 a.m. - Saturday, 13 September- Plantation Plaza, 616 SR13, Julington Creek.

New group classes in Palatka  10 a.m. - Sunday, 14 September, 819 South Moody Rd., Palatka (behind Humane Society of Northeast Florida Thrift Shop)


For more information and to pre-register call:





We Have It All!   Kennel Free Board and Positive Reinforcement, Punishment-Free Board & Training

Don't want to place your canine best friend in an impersonal steel and concrete kennel while you are out of town? 

Have a puppy or dog that needs training, but you don't have the time to train them? 

Have a new puppy, but don't have the time, patience or inclination not to mention new carpets, to housebreak them? 

Afraid of imposing on family, friends and neighbors?

Visiting St. Augustine and don't want to leave your dog back home?

What started out as a service offered only to GOOD DOG!-DOG TRAINING students and alumni, has grown into BED-n-BISCUITS kennel free boarding.

More and more, GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING was asked by our students and alumni to board their pets.

Being responsible dog owners, they didn't relish the thought of leaving their their puppy or dog home alone or caged in a kennel while they are on vacation or business trips. 

We were also receiving phone calls from people who were not thrilled about dealing with the usual housebreaking issues they were having with their puppy or dog.  They would ask if GOOD DOG! would help them out by taking their pet and housebreaking it.

A few who called faced surgery.  They knew they would be unable to take care of their pets during their hospital stay and recovery time. They'd aske if they could leave them with us, because they heard we had no kennels and the dogs that were our guests are part of our family.

 GOOD DOG! was also receiving calls from people who just did not have the time to train their puppy or dog and they'd ask if we would take them in-house for training.

The most interesting were the people who were coming to St. Augustine on business or vacation, who didn't want to leave their dog at home! 

If you are planning to visit St. Augustine, perhaps you want to share your vacation experience with your dog.  One little problem though, your hotel doesn't allow pets?  At BED-n-BISCUITS you can pick your dog up in the morning, spend the day with them exploring our beautiful beaches, parks, town and dog friendly restaurants.   At the end of the day, you simply drop them off for the night.

What our guests and their owners appreciate most is, we have KENNEL FREE boarding and positive reinforcement, punishment-free training!!







Your pet will have the run of our house, a fenced yard to romp in, trips to the beach and pier.  Not to mention, walks in town and play dates in the dog park.  That could explain why by the end of the day, they are exhausted!




There must be a reason why dog owners from Maryland to Oregon, choose BED-n-BISCUITS for their dog's boarding and/or training needs!


If this sounds good to you, call  GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING




or, drop us an e-mail at  GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING


GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING is licensed and insured.

Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluators  


Accredited by Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida



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